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Zimbra: A network service error has occurred

Lately from time to time on one of my Zimbra servers I was gettingĀ A network service error has occurred error…

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Migrate Google Apps to Zimbra

If you need to migrate Google Apps to Zimbra here is a simple howto. Just follow the steps and you…

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VMware Zimbra

Connect Zimbra Community with Outlook 2013

Here is how to connect your Zimbra Community with Outlook 2013 using the ActiveSync and Z-Push without Outlook connector available…


Zimbra Briefcase WebDAV Access

Zimbra Briefcase WebDAV settings for accessing your documents easily trough mapping it as a network drive on your Windows or…


Zimbra ActiveSync with Z-Push v2

Install Zimbra ActiveSync with Z-Push on your Zimbra Community and enable mobile device support. This feature has been disabled but…

VMware Zimbra

Zimbra block encrypted archives

By default Zimbra will block encrypted archives such as ZIP or PDF that cannot be scanned. You can disable this…

VMware Zimbra

Enable chat on Zimbra 7

By default, Zimbra 7 has the chat feature disabled, Here is a simple way to enable chat on Zimbra 7….

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