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Extending LVM Volume

It is time to take advantage of using LVM volumes when installing Linux servers. I got a Virtual Machine that…

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Selenium Headless Firefox WebDriver using PyVirtualDisplay

I needed to take screenshots from websites that i crawl and selenium headless webdriver is the right tool for me….

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Linux find text in file

If you need to find text in file or multiple files on a Linux system you can use grep (global…

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Linux SCP command for secure file transfer

Secure Copy or SCP is part of SSH. This are few examples of using SCP commands for those like me…

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Manage Samba permissions from Windows

For those who installed samba and join the server to Windows Domain, this tutorial will show you how to Manage…


Linux: Delete Files Older Than X Days

This is a very simple tutorial how to find and delete files older than X days. I needed this for…