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Linux SCP command for secure file transfer

Secure Copy or SCP is part of SSH. This are few examples of using SCP commands for those like me…

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MySQL Backup and Restore

Tutorial for MySQL backup and restore using command line for those of you who are doing it for the first…

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Debian malware detection with Maldetect

If you host multiple websites this tutorial will help you setup Debian malware detection tool to easy find websites that has…

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Restart to solve NFS Unknown error 521

I just had Unknown error 521 while mounting NFS version 3 on a Debian server after a reboot. Solving it took…

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Debian PPTP Client Configuration

Here is a simple tutorial how to setup Debian PPTP Client for remote management connecting them to my Client VPN…

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Windows SMTP Server relay through Gmail

This tutorial with show how Windows SMTP Server relay mails through Gmail or any other mail server. This is useful…

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Manage Samba permissions from Windows

For those who installed samba and join the server to Windows Domain, this tutorial will show you how to Manage…

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Cyberoam Port Forwarding using Virtual Host

This article describes  Cyberoam port forwarding using virtual host from external to internal LAN IP address. Article covers how to…

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Zentyal 3.2 PPTP Server

Here is howto install Zentyal 3.2 PPTP Server. Since Zentyal 3.2 the developers have decided to remove the PPTP Server…

VMware Zimbra

Migrate Google Apps to Zimbra

If you need to migrate Google Apps to Zimbra here is a simple howto. Just follow the steps and you…

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VirtualBox 4.3 autostart on Debian wheezy

Since VirtualBox 4.2 there is autostart script which helps you start your virtual machines during boot. Here is a howto…


VirtualBox UUID does not match

Here is a tutorial how to fix VirtualBox UUID does not match error usually received when you simply just copy…

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