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Upgrade Cisco IOS on Cisco 6500 in VSS mode

If you are using the old Cisco 6500 probably as me need to upgrade the IOS o e new version….

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GlusterFS Installation and Configuration

Here are few examples how to install GlusterFS on Debian like systems. Single node, add replica node, add multiple replicas…

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Debian PPTP Client Configuration

Here is a simple tutorial how to setup Debian PPTP Client for remote management connecting them to my Client VPN…

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Cyberoam Port Forwarding using Virtual Host

This article describes ¬†Cyberoam port forwarding using virtual host from external to internal LAN IP address. Article covers how to…

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Zentyal 3.2 PPTP Server

Here is howto install Zentyal 3.2 PPTP Server. Since Zentyal 3.2 the developers have decided to remove the PPTP Server…


Cisco ASA Failover Configuration

This tutorial is for configuring Cisco ASA Failover into Active/Standby mode, assuming your primary Cisco ASA is configured and working….


Cisco ASA NAT Migration

Since ASA version 8.3 Cisco brings a number of changes in how NAT is processed. Cisco ASA NAT migration is…

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Setting Mikrotik as IPSec Concentrator

This tutorial is on setting Mikrotik as IPSec concentrator. Road-Warriors will be able to establish secure IPSec connection using the…


Mikrotik to Cisco ASA IPsec VPN

We needed to setup IPsec VPN for a client with a remote location that already had Cisco ASA. So, here…


My Mikrotik Initial Setup

This is my Mikrotik initial setup configuration on every new Mikrotik device that i install. With this configuration you will…

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VPN Tunnels

Site-to-Site IPSec VPN using Mikrotik Routers

Some time ago i had a client that needed Site-to-Site IPSec VPN connection between 5 locations but ware not ready…