iPECS to Skype SIP Integration

LG-Ericsson PBX’s are capable to connect to Skype for low cost VoIP calls using the Skype Connect. This is a simple howto connecting iPECS to Skype.


Skype Connect Setup

  1. Create a Skype Manager Account (https://manager.skype.com) and login.
  2. Buy Skype credits.
  3. Create a SIP profile (https://manager.skype.com/features/sip) and click on view profile.
  4. Click on Calling channels and buy the so many channels you need.
  5. Click on Outgoing calls and assign credits, you need credits to place outgoing calls.
  6. Click on Incoming calls to buy online numbers.
  7. Click on Authentication details to get registration data to configure your iPECS.


iPECS Setup

  • P111 – SIP User ID Table

    • Sta 409: 2, Sta 417: 3
  • P126 (index 1) – Trunk registration/validation

    • Registration User ID: [email protected]
    • Authentication User ID: 99051000118731
    • Authentication User Password: LYNSi53qdgBsbR
    • User ID Register: Register
    • User ID Usage: On
  • P126 (index 2) – Account for station 409

    • Registration User ID: [email protected]
    • Authorized Representative ID Table: 1
    • User ID Usage: On
  • P126 (index 3) – Account for station 417

    • Registration User ID: [email protected]
    • Authorized Representative ID Table: 1
    • User ID Usage: On
  • Pgm 133

    • Proxy Server Address: sip.skype.com
    • Primary DNS Address: [your DNS]
    • Domain: sip.skype.com
    • Registration UID Range: 1 to 1
    • ID Usage, P-Asserted-Identity: Use
    • ID Individuality, From ID: Authorized Representative ID
    • ID Individuality, P-Asserted-Identity: Extension Outgoing-CLI
    • ID Individuality, Contact ID: Extension Outgoing-CLI
    • ID Individuality, Remote-Party-ID: Extension Outgoing-CLI
    • General Formatting, Numbering Format: Global (E.164)
    • Specific Formatting by Conversion, Numbering Case #1: From/To: 0/+46
    • Specific Formatting by Conversion, Numbering Case #2: From/To: 00/+
    • Incoming Caller ID, Caller ID Selection: From ID
  • P143

    • International Access Code: 00
    • My Area Code: 8



iPECS LIK supports Skype Connect and the following was tested.

  • OK: In/outbound call with CPN.
  • OK: External forwarding (thru PBX, recursive).
  • NOK: External forwarding (302 Moved Temporary). (Is it supported by Skype?)
  • OK: Speed dials, Missed calls
  • OK: Removing country and/or area code from CPN.
  • OK: Dialing without country and/or area code.
  • NOK: CLIR. (Is it supported by Skype?)
  • OK: In/outbound call to MEX.
  • NOK: Sending original CPN to MEX. (Is it supported by Skype?)

Other issues

  • Skype is not using QoS and I did experience delay and bad sound quality in some situation. Skype is a service to provide low call rates and will not replace your normal provider.
  • The delay from you setup a call until the station in the far end starts to ring is also substantial. It often take around 10 seconds.

Thanks to Licencia Telecom

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Stuart Nuttall
Stuart Nuttall
11 years ago

We have followed your instructions but we are getting “Terminated” status on SIP User ID Index and the co line says “idle” any advice?