iPECS-MG Training – Server Application

Power Point presentation for Server Application of LG-Ericsson iPECS-MG. This is Part 12 from iPECS-MG Training Materials.

iPECS-MG Server Application — Presentation Transcript

  1. Server ApplicationBusiness Enabled Communications
  2. Contents• UCS• IPCR
  3. UCS
  4. UCS Network Diagram Headquarters Branch Office(1) Phontage PDA PBX(MG,LIK) UCS UCS Client ClientPBX(MG,LIK) UCS Server UMS UCS Client IP Phone LAN UCS Client LAN Internet Road Warrior UCS Client IP Phone UCS Client Phontage B,D UCS Client Branch Office(N) UCS Components UCS UCS PBX(MG,LIK) Client Client PBX(MG,LIK) UCS Server UCS Client IP Phone
  5. UCS Administration Web Admin- A Single Point Web Admin Common Data Between UCS Server and PBX(MG) – Administrative Message by Administrator Shared Directory Manaement – System Configuration (PBX, LDAP Server) – Directory Management – Property Management Video Quality, Capacity Limitation, etc – Controlling of Client Version Compatibility – Status Management Client, Server, PBX – Log Management Call, File Send, Login User, Feature Usage – Resource Usage Management Statistics) Presence Member, ICR Scenario, Unread Note – Statistics Call, Feature Usage, Warning, ICR Service Result
  6. UCS SOMS(Server Operating Monitor Solution) • Client • Server • System
  7. UCS Server Manager – Server Start & Shutdown – Process Start & Shutdown – Process Show & Hide
  8. UCS Client > UCS Client Installation – From UCS Server Execute installation, or save and then install – From CD-ROM > SW License – Client Based Floating License Get Total License UCS From MG License LAN Get License From UCS Server UCS Client UCS Client
  9. UCS Interface Specification Position Protocol Related Features Server ↔ iPECS iPECS(LGN-Proprietary) ICR,Presence Client ↔ iPECS iPECS(LGN-Proprietary) Call Server ↔ Client SIP Based LGN-Proprietary, Directory,Chatting.. SOAP Client ↔ Client TCP/IP(Session) Media(Data) iPECS-MG UCS Server iPECS LAN iPECS SIP Based, SOAP TCP/IP (Session) UCS Client UCS Client
  10. IPCR
  11. Introducing IPCR1. The iPECS Internet Protocol Call Recording (IPCR) server application employs a Linux OS and VoIP technology to deliver advanced Call Recording capabilities to iPECS platforms.2. Each iPECS host can support one (1) to ten (10) IPCR servers allowing separation of Call Recording. In case of iPECS-MG system, only one IPCR server is available.3. The IPCR application supports both Automatic recording of all calls (ACR) and configured users assigned a Two-way Recording button can request an active call be recorded, ODR (On- demand recording).4. IPCR includes a Web server module. The Web server module is the user-interface for administrative and user functions and features of the application.5. Operating System: Fedora 12 i386 version Server CPU: Intel Pentium Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz or higher AMD Athlon X2-64 2.4 GHz or higher Server RAM: Minimum 2 GByte Server HDD: 1-TByte External HDD: Optional for back up ** We guarantee 200 currency sound recording simultaneously .
  12. 1 1 1.1 IPCR server and Agent Unlock Codes1) Select the System Management tab,2) Select Appliance Control,3) Select ‘Lock Key Install’,4) Enter the Key code provided from your local LG-Ericsson representative, and5) Select ‘Save’.
  13. 11 1.2 IPCR Server setting1) In the iPECS MG Web Admin,2) Select the Administration tab,3) Select System Attribute, PGM 223,4) Enter IP address and SIP extension number for IPCR server,5) Select ‘Save’.
  14. 2 2 2.1 IPCR Server Registration1) Select the Administration tab from the Home page,2) Select the Setting tab,3) Select IPCR Server Registration,4) Input information as desired.5) Select Save
  15. 2 2 2.2 iPECS PBX registration1) Select the Administration tab from the Home page,2) Select the PBX Registration tab,3) Input the required iPECS host (PBX) information.4) Input optional information as desired.5) SIP ID is should be Desired Number.6) Select Save. 5 characters 99 characters IP v4 address characters 99 characters 20 characters 1234 20 characters 99 characters 99 characters SIP reg Timer TLS check box Normal 3600 sec.
  16. 3 3 3.1 Channel registration1) Select the Administration tab from the Home page,2) Select the Channel Registration tab,3) Input the channel characteristics including the Agent Id (up to 6-characters).4) Select Save
  17. 3 3 3.2 User Admin level1) Select the Administration tab from the Home page,2) Select the User level admin tab,3) Input a Level, up to 15 characters4) Check appropriate ‘Activation’ boxes for the User Level Admin5) Select Save. User Admin Level selection box Check boxes to permit (activate) User Admin level access Defined User Admin Levels
  18. 3 3 3.3 User registrationUser registration menu is able to register User group (No. of Class 1 , No. of class 2, No. of class3) and User Information (No. of users).
  19. 4 4 4.1 SIP station RegistrationIPCR’s SIP station should be registered through IPCR server process of registration.Set SIP user ID and make empty auth ID and password.
  20. 4 4 4.2 SIP station RegistrationAlso, if the IPCR is completely registered to iPECS-MG, you can verify that the Terminal Type ofthe SIP Station is set to “iPECS IPCR”.
  21. 55 5.1 Link Agent ID to Station Number which is to be recorded1) An agent ID in IPCR means a station number which has to be programmed to record its voice.2) If Agent ID information is sent to iPECS-MG from IPCR, the Two-way recording destination(PGM145-Index5) is automatically set with IPCR SIP number.3) And also the Auto-Record Service mode(PGM145-Index 3) is automatically set according to the Agent ID recording type of IPCR.

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