iPECS-MG Training – IP Management

Power Point presentation for IP Management of LG-Ericsson iPECS-MG. This is Part 10 from iPECS-MG Training Materials.

iPECS-MG IP Management — Presentation Transcript

  1. IP ManagementBusiness Enabled Communications
  2. Contents• IP Address• Zone Feature
  3. FirewallIP Address
  4. Firewall MG System IP Policy • Single Signal IP Address (PGM 108) – IPKTS : UDP 5588 – WEB : TCP 80 – Telnet(MPB) : TCP 5003 – Telnet(Board) : TCP 5102~5118 – H.323 : TCP 1720 – SIP : UDP 5060 • Selectable IP Address – H.323 : PGM 360, 362, 321 – SIP : PGM 373 • Multi RTP Port Address – Different Port : 7000 ~ 8899
  5. Firewall MG System IP Policy • System IP Address Plan (PGM 108) Local IP Address Firewall(NAT) IP Address DNS for SIP CO line  5 DNS address  DNS, Primary  DNS, Secondary(not support, must use sequential DNS order) only DHCP client, not server
  6. Firewall H.323, SIP Firewall IP Address • H.323 H.323 Routing Attribute(360) H.323 Incoming Attribute(362) Networking Numbering(321) • SIP SIP CO User ID Table(373)
  7. ZoneManagement
  8. Zone Local/Local Remote/Remote mode Local PBX IPECS-MG PSTN E1/PRI NAT Remote Firewall Interne t AP MG system only use REMOTE mode Local / Remote PGM 106 => check mode
  9. Zone Auto RTP Relay • In certain network environment, MG can’t make decision to relay RTP connection, or not. For this situation, MG can set by ADMIN two device is forced to relay RTP packet IP Phone IPECS-MG Example (MG can’t make decision to relay ) • SIP Phone can’t send RTP packet to ~ 17 local device with non-routable IP address • To communicate local IP Phone MG( device( with SIP VOIB( Phone(, should relay RTP Packet by VOIB device( SIP Phone
  10. Zone RTP Relay • RTP Relay By RTP relay Group in Zone In same zone, MG support RTP packet relay between two devices by assigning RTP Relay Group. Assign RTP relay group (PGM399) Set RTP relay rule in RTP relay group between my RTP relay group and associated device’s RTP relay group(PGM396) Associated device RTP Relay Group
  11. Zone RTP Relay • RTP Relay between different Zones In different zone, MG can set system data to make two device be forced to relay RTP packet. Assign Zone Number(PGM399) Set RTP Relay rule between Zone1 and Zone 2(PGM397) – IF NEED – ALWAYS NOT – FORCED TO DO Assign relay device(VOIU/VOIB)
  12. Zone Codec Priority Zone Connect Inform > Zone Inform At Each Line > Zone Attribute > Tenant Attribute (PGM397 > PGM399 > PGM395 > PGM 281) First device to connect RTP analyze associated device codec. If first device can support associated device’s codec, use the codec. If first device can’t support associated device’s codec, analyze associated device can support first device’s codec.

LG-Ericsson: http://www.ericssonlg.com

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