iPECS-MG Training – Admin Structure

Power Point presentation for Admin Structure of LG-Ericsson iPECS-MG. This is Part 2 from iPECS-MG Training Materials.

iPECS-MG Admin Structure — Presentation Transcript

  1. AdministrationBusiness EnabledCommunications
  2. Contents•Starting Web Service • Numbering Plan Type• User’s Guide • System Numbering Plan• Station Program • Flexible Station Number• Admin & Maintenance • CO Group Access Code• ID & Password • Feature Code Numbering• Web Access Authorization • Station Group Number• Admin Categories • Networking Numbering• Overview Menu• New Window• Related PGM Link
  3. WEB Admin Starting Web Service  Install iPECS-MG system  Default MPB IP address :  Or, configure MPB IP using RS-232 port.  Connect to the system IP on web browser.  iPECS-MG web service homepage provides ;  User’s Guide  Station Program  Admin & Maintenance
  4. WEB Admin User’s Guide • Click ‘User’s Guide’ to refer to brief user’s guide. • User’s guide provides;  Program Codes (Overview)  Numbering Plan (Overview)  User Name Registration  Station Speed Dial  System Speed Dial  Dial by Name  Intercom Signaling Mode  Station Flexible buttons  Call Forward  Transfer  Authorization Codes  DND  Call Pick-up  Paging  How to access CO/IP line?
  5. WEB Admin Station Program  Click ‘Station Program’ menu and enter desired station number and password.  Password is mandatory for station program. • Station Program provides ;  Station Port Attributes  Station DN Attributes  Call Forward  Pre-Selected Message  Station Speed Dial  Station Flexible buttons  Station ICLID  Mobile Extension Attributes  Send Internal SMS  ACD Group Management  ACD Group Call Traffic  User Guide
  6. WEB Admin Admin & Maintenance  Click ‘Admin & Maintenance’ menu to start Admin.  Enter User ID and Password for web admin and click ‘Login’ button.  Web Admin Categories are displayed according to the user level.
  7. WEB Admin ID & Password  Admin ID & Password at System Data  System Data > System Password (226)  Basic Password tab : ID & Password of User, Admin. and Maint.  Additional Password tab : ID & Password of User2, User3, Admin2 and Admin3.
  8. WEB Admin Web Access Authorization  User Access level control at System Data  Click System Data > Web Access Authorization  Accessibility of 3 Users & 3 Administers about every Admin fields.  Maint. ID has no restriction.
  9. Admin Categories Admin Categories • Pre-programmed data • Voice Network • Numbering Plan • T-Net Data • Station Port Data • H.323 Data • Station Number Data • SIP CO Data (web only) • CO Line Data • SIP Station Data (web only) • Station Group Data • Zone Data (web only) • System Data • SNMP Data (web only) • Table Data • DECT Data • Tenant Data • Green Mode (web only) • Board Data • Initialization
  10. Admin Categories ADMINISTRATION MENU ADMINISTRATION MENU Location Program(100) Station DN Assignment(130) Slot Assignment(101) Station DN Attribute(131~135) Logical Slot Assignment(103) COS Assignment(137) PRE-PROGRAMMED DECT/IP/SIP Max Port(104) Auto Dial Attribute(138) DATA IP-Phone Registration(106) Preset Call Forward(142) DTIM/SLTM Registration(107) STATION NUMBER DATA Call Forward(143) IP Address Plan(108~109) VMIB Attribute(145) Numbering Plan Type(110) Mobile Extension Attribute(146) System Numbering Plan(111) CO/IP Group Access(150) Flexible Station Number(112) Page Zone Access(151) NUMBERING PLAN Feature Numbering Plan(113) Command Group Access(152) Station Group Number(115) CO Line Attribute(160~163) ACD Group Number(115) Incoming CO ATTR(165~166) Station Type(120) CO Ring Assignment(167) Station Port Attribute(121~124) STATION PORT DATA Normal/DISA CO ATTR(168) Station Flexible Button(126) Incoming CO Alternative(169) CTI IP Address Outgoing CO ATTR(170~171) CO LINE DATA Outgoing CO Alternative(173) CO Inter-Digit Timer(174) DTMF Send Interval(175) CO COS Assignment(177) CO-to-CO Attribute(179) CO Group Access Code(180) Alternative Ring Table(181)
  11. Admin Categories ADMINISTRATION MENU ADMINISTRATION MENU Station Group Assign(200) PPP Attribute(235) Station Group Attribute(201~202) Mobile Attribute (236) Voice Mail Group(203) Intercom Busy Digit(237) Call Pick-Up Group(204) Dial-Tone Digit Table(240) SYSTEM DATA Page Group(205) Executive/Secretary Assign(241) Command Conference Executive Access(242) STATION GROUP Group(206) PPTP Attribute DATA PTT Group(208) Web Access Authorization Interphone Group(209) Toll Exception Table(250) Pilot Hunt Group(210~211) Digit Conv Table(251~252) ACD Group Assignment(212) System Time Table(253~254) ACD Group Attribute(213~214) LCR Time Table(255) ACD Group Announcement(215) Holiday Time Table(256) ACD Agent State & Priority System Speed Dial(257) System Timer(220~222) Emergency Code Table(258) System Attribute(223) TABLE DATA Announcement Table(259) System Password(226) CCR Table(260) Alarm Attribute(227) ICLID Table(262) External Control Contact(228) CLI Conversion Table(263) SYSTEM DATA Music Source(229) Tone Frequency/Cadence(264) RS-232 Setting(230) Ring Table(265) Serial Port Selection(231) Ring Frequency/Cadence(266) SMDR Attribute(232) Voice Mail Dial Table(269) System Date & Time(233) LED Flashing Rate(234)
  12. Admin Categories ADMINISTRATION MENU ADMINISTRATION MENU Attendant Group H.323 Routing Attribute(360) Assignment(270) H.323 Call Attribute(361) Attendant Group H.323 DATA H.323 Incoming ATTR(362) Attributes(271~2) GK Attribute(363) Night ATD Group Assign(275) SIP CO Basic Registration Night ATD Group ATT(276~277) SIP CO Additional Registration TENANT DATA Tenant Attribute(280~281) SIP CO DATA SIP CO Codec Tenant Group Access(283) SIP CO User ID Table CO Call Restriction(284~285) SIP STA Basic Registration Local Call Prefix Table(286) SIP Station DATA SIP STA Additional Registration Long Call Prefix Table(287) SIP Station Service International Call Prefix(288) Zone Attribute Tone Table(290) Zone RTP Relay Group ISDN/Digital Board ZONE DATA Inter Zone Attribute Attribute(300) Station Zone Attribute BOARD DATA ISDN Clock Priority(301) SNMP DATA SNMP Data VOIB/VMIB Board ATTR(305) Reset Board(310) DECT Registration(0#) DECT DATA Networking Attr(320) DECT Attribute(491) VOICE NETWORK Green Mode Activation Networking Numbering(321) GREEN MODE T-Net Attribute(330) Green Mode Time Setting CM Attribute(331) INITIALIZATION Initialization(499) T-NET DATA FoPSTN Attribute(333) T-Net Board Attribute(334) IP-Phone T-Net Enable(335)
  13. Overview Menu • ‘ Overview’ menus in STA, Station Group or CO PGM categories.
  14. New Windows • Click [N] to open new window.
  15. Related PGM Link • Some PGM has link menu for other PGM
  16. Numbering Plan Numbering Plan Type (ADM 110)  6 Types of Numbering Plan default values set can be selected. Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Type 4 Type 5 Type 6 1000 ~ 7000 ~ 2000 ~ 2000 ~ Station Numbers 100 ~ 473 100 ~ 699 1647 7647 2647 2647 Attendant Call 0 *9 0 0 9 #9 CO Group Access 9 0 9 1 0 0 Code (Any Grp) CO Group Access 801~ 872 *801 ~ *872 801~ 872 401~ 472 801~ 872 801~ 872 Code 5xx, 6xx, *5xx, *6xx, 5xx, 6xx, 5xx, 6xx, 5xx, 6xx, *5xx, *6xx, Feature Code etc etc etc etc etc etc Hunt Group 620 ~ 669 *620 ~ *669 620 ~ 669 620 ~ 669 620 ~ 669 *620 ~ *669
  17. Numbering Plan System Numbering Plan (ADM 111)  Maximum 8 digit numbering is possible.  Every Numbering Plan codes should be matched with System Numbering Plan. – Prefix Code : preceding digits in common – More digits : number of following digits after prefix code – Master Prefix digits : upper 4 digits among prefix code ; XXXXXXXX (Max 3 in iPECS-MG 100, 5 in iPECS-MG 300) 2XXX   If deleted, all of the 0 *4 related numbering *5XX *6XX plan codes are deleted! *7 *8XX #8XX #9 #*XX 1XXX
  18. Numbering Plan Examples  Make Station Number 1000 ~ 1499 – Required Numbering Plan : 1XXX – Prefix Code : 1, More digits : 3 – Master prefix digits : None => Assign Station Numbers at ADM 112.  Make Station Number 4501000 ~ 4504899 – Required Numbering Plan : 450XXXX – Prefix Code : 450, More digits : 4 – Master prefix digits : 450 => Assign Station Numbers at ADM 112.  Make Feature Codes 801 ~ 872 and 8# – Required Numbering Plan : 80X ~ 87X, 8# – Prefix Code : 80 ~ 87, More digits : 1 – Prefix Code : 8# , More digits : 0 – Master prefix digits : None => Assign Feature Codes at ADM 113.
  19. Numbering Plan Flexible Station Number (ADM 112) • Check and edit Station Number one by one • Change Station Number using order range • Change Station Number using station range To Assign new numbering,  proper System Numbering Plan should exist!! • Station Number search
  20. Numbering Plan Feature Code Numbering (ADM 113) • Select [Feature Numbering] tab at Feature Numbering Plan menu • Check or edit Feature Code one by one  To Assign new numbering, proper System Numbering Plan should exist!!
  21. Numbering Plan CO Group Access Code (ADM 114) • Select [CO Group Access Code] tab at Feature Numbering menu. • Check or edit CO Group Access Code one by one  To Assign new numbering, proper System Numbering Plan should exist!! • Delete all CO Grp Access Code • Assign CO Group Access Code using order range using order range
  22. Numbering Plan Station Group Number (ADM 115) • Select [Station Group Number] tab at Feature Numbering menu. • Check or edit Feature Code one by one To Assign new numbering,  proper System Numbering Plan should exist!! • Delete all Station Group Number • Assign Station Group Number by using range by using order range
  23. Numbering Plan Networking Numbering (ADM 112) • Open ADM 321 at Voice Network Data. • Enter index number to edit and load data. To Assign new numbering,  proper System Numbering Plan should exist!! • Check ADM 111 and all the other numbering plan to assign or remove Net Numbering.

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