Get Easily Approved for Google Adsense

Google Adsense is one of the easiest ways for a blogger to monetize his blog traffic. Here are some tips for getting easily approved for Google Adsense.


5 Tips for Google Adsense approval


1. Purchase a Top Level domain name

Purchase a top level domain for your blog, It’s another requirement to get approved for Adsense. Try to buy top level domain like .com and make it “Hard to forget” domain. So make it unique and short 5-10 characters. Branding will pay off on the long run.


2. Create your Privacy Policy page

You must have Privacy Policy page before you submit your website for Google Adsense approval. There are a lot of sites that can help you with this or you can use my Privacy Policy page and make the modifications you need.


3. Write unique and good quality content

Your major focus should be on good quality content. The more unique your content is, your blog will be better ranked. Make sure that your Content Keywords under Optimization on Google Webmaster Tools hits 200. Unique and good quality content will bring you unique and good quality traffic.


4. Your website must be fully launched

Don’t rush with your website make sure everything is functional and working. Try our different themes, widgets, gadgets and choose which one you are going to use. For theme choose one that has standard banner size spaces. I had a friends who made great design, had their site rank very very high and after few months when they started adding ads they didn’t had spaces where to put the ads. So, after you choose your look and widgets, apply for the Google Adsense Program.


5. Get quality traffic for your blog

Before fully approving your account Google is approving you for a test period. In this period you will place your code on your page and Google will check the visitors you have on your page. You can’t fool Google about this. If you are using payed exchange traffic sources Google will catch you. Join Blogging communities and start building your relationships with other Bloggers. Good place for this is


Also make sure that you read Google Adsense Policy and you don’t violate any of the rules.


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11 years ago

good but they are not approving me
can u help me

11 years ago
11 years ago

Great! I have seen lots of articles on adsense but this particular article will help me a lot..
do you any suggestion for my site

11 years ago


I started blogging last December and my site is just 2 months old please drop by and check if there is wrong or something I missed. I’m afraid for my last application was denied so I made a genuine post now. Also most of my images were taken from web does it makes any concern when I will apply for adsense?

10 years ago

It is very nice information and very useful to all.Well with your
permission let me to grab your RSS feed to keep updated with forthcoming
post. Thanks a million and please continue the gratifying work.