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Zimbra: A network service error has occurred

Lately from time to time on one of my Zimbra servers I was getting A network service error has occurred error…

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Selenium Headless Firefox WebDriver using PyVirtualDisplay

I needed to take screenshots from websites that i crawl and selenium headless webdriver is the right tool for me….

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Migrate Google Apps to Zimbra

If you need to migrate Google Apps to Zimbra here is a simple howto. Just follow the steps and you…

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VirtualBox 4.3 autostart on Debian wheezy

Since VirtualBox 4.2 there is autostart script which helps you start your virtual machines during boot. Here is a howto…


VirtualBox UUID does not match

Here is a tutorial how to fix VirtualBox UUID does not match error usually received when you simply just copy…

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VirtualBox 4.3 and phpVirtualBox on Debian wheezy

With this tutorial we are going to explain how to install VirtualBox 4.3 and phpVirtualBox for remote management on Debian…


Modify OpenERP 7 Web Client Style

Here is a simple tutorial how to change the style of OpenERP 7 Web Client. The easiest way is to…

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Connect Zimbra Community with Outlook 2013

Here is how to connect your Zimbra Community with Outlook 2013 using the ActiveSync and Z-Push without Outlook connector available…


Zimbra Briefcase WebDAV Access

Zimbra Briefcase WebDAV settings for accessing your documents easily trough mapping it as a network drive on your Windows or…

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OpenERP Backup and Point-in-time Recovery

OpenERP backup is one of the main things to do when installing OpenERP on a production server. But for many…


Zimbra ActiveSync with Z-Push v2

Install Zimbra ActiveSync with Z-Push on your Zimbra Community and enable mobile device support. This feature has been disabled but…


phpMemcachedAdmin graphic administration for memcached

phpMemcachedAdmin is a web interface that allows you to monitor your memcached servers with a top-like live stats for easy debugging. phpMemcachedAdmin…

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