Aria SOHO Door Phone Installation

LG-Ericsson Aria SOHO door phone feature can be used on it’s 2 relays which means you can have maximum of 2 door phones. Here is a sample howto.

Aria SOHO Door Phone

A convenient intercom box can be connected to the system. The intercom box can receive page announcements and intercom calls. And the intercom box can signal assigned stations in the system. Any combination of DKTUs or intercom boxes can be arranged in the system.

Aria SOHO Door Phone

To call an intercom box

Lift the handset or press the [MON] button.
Dial station number of intercom box or press the flexible button for the intercom box.
After warning tone, announce the call.

To place a call from an intercom box

Press the [CALL] button and assigned station will ring.

To answer an intercom call at a station assigned for intercom box signals

At DKTU : Press flexible button for intercom box.
At SLT : Off Hook.

To place intercom box to DND mode

Press the [DND] button.


  1. While hearing music at intercom box, press the [DND] button to stop the music.
  2. intercom Box cannot attend a conference(see Ref.2)
  3. The CO call is not received at intercom box.
  4. An intercom box can be a member of page zone group(see Ref.3)
  5. To receive intercom box call at SLT, set intercom Box Signaling value to ON (ADMIN program 111–FLEX 6). If Nation code is TELKOM or ISRAEL, DSS button for ICM Box should be assigned to SLT (ADMIN program 115)
  6. SLT can receive only one call from intercom box.

Admin Programming

  • ICM Box Signaling (PGM 111 – FLEX 6)
  • Station ID Assignment 4.1.1 (PGM 110)
  • ICM Box Music Channel (PGM 171 – FLEX 3)
  • ICM Box Timer (PGM 181 – FLEX 6)


Open Door

Dial the door open code, or press the programmed {DOOR OPEN} button.

To Registered Door Open

[TRANS/PGM] + FLEX button(to be assigned) + #*1 (1st Door open) + [HOLD/SAVE]

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9 years ago

Hi. I have installed an intercom box and the music is playing through it and I want to stop it but program 171 button 3 does not stop the music. Can you help me. Thanks from Paul.