Aria SOHO Authorization Codes

On a request from my blogs reader I’ve posted this simple manual on how to enable Authorization codes on LG-Ericsson Aria SOHO.

When a station user wants to make a CO line call, when he tries access a CO line he will be prompted to enter his authorization code before he can access the line.

To access a CO line when authorization codes are required:

  1. Attempt a CO line access, and DND warning tone is heard.
  2. Enter the authorization code and ‘#’ (end mark of authorization code, If 5 digits authorization mode, ‘#’ is no need)
  3. If valid, the CO line is connected and if not valid, you will hear error tone.


Program Aria SOHO Authorization Codes


5 Digits Authorization Code usage (PGM161)

First you need to make a choice for the length of your codes. If this value is set to ON, Auth code is 5 digit fixed length. If this value is set to OFF, Auth code is flexible length of 3 ~ 11 digits. This is under PGM161 (System Attributes -> Attribute 2)


CO Line Group Account (PGM 141)

This will enable the authorization codes on a specific CO line. If this value is set to ON, the CO Line user should enter authorization code to access this CO Line. This is under PGM141 (CO Attributes -> Attribute 1)


DISA Account Code (PGM 141)

If this value is set to ON, when the incoming CO caller tries to access another CO Line by dialing CO Line access code, the caller should enter authorization code.
This is under PGM141 (CO Attributes -> Attribute 1)

This is applied only when this CO Service type is DISA.


Loop LCR Account Code (PGM111)

When using LCR you need to apply this option. If this value is set to ON, station user must enter Account Code to use Loop LCR.
This is under PGM111 (Station Attribute -> Attributes 1)


Authorization Code (PGM 227)

Enter your authorization codes:
0~9(3 ~ 11 digits) (When 5 digits authorization code usage is disabled)
0~9,*,# (5 digits) (When 5 digits authorization code usage is enabled)


If a third party discovers the personal authorization code, there will be a risk that they will make fraudulent phone calls using the telephone, and the cost will be charged to your account. In order to avoid this problem,

  1. specify a complicated authorization code as random as you can make it
  2. change the authorization code frequently

Use our Download page to get the latest software and firmware for Aria SOHO

LG-Ericsson Aria SOHO

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Masuod al hossain
Masuod al hossain
7 years ago

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Dear Sir,
Good Day!!
Need to a CO to CO configuration Guide line of the iPLDK300 and calling procedure…
Awaiting for your feedback..