Add Swiffy html5 banner to Revive AD Server

Since Google announced that flash content will be autopause there is a tool you can use to convert Flash banners to html5, it’s called Swiffy. But the problem is the Revive server 64Kb code banner limit.

Revive AdServer problem with Swiffy banners

By default revive server stores the Code banners into rv_banners table in columns htmltemplate and htmlcache but they are TEXT columns which are limited to 64Kb which is a bit low for Swiffy banners.

I’ve decided to use MEDIUMTEXT columns which is limited to 16Mb witch is a bit more for Swiffy html5 banners but this are the options that we have.

According to MySQL documentation:

      Type | Maximum length
  TINYTEXT |           255 (2 8−1) bytes
      TEXT |        65,535 (216−1) bytes = 64 KiB
MEDIUMTEXT |    16,777,215 (224−1) bytes = 16 MiB
  LONGTEXT | 4,294,967,295 (232−1) bytes =  4 GiB


Revive AdServer modifications

I’ve made this change on my servers and I don’t see any problems so far. If you want to use command line you can alter the columns with this command:

ALTER TABLE `rv_banners` CHANGE `htmltemplate` `htmltemplate` MEDIUMTEXT;
ALTER TABLE `rv_banners` CHANGE `htmlcache` `htmlcache` MEDIUMTEXT;

Or if you are using PHPMyAdmin go to rv_banners table, click on Structure and Change on htmltemplate and htmlcache


Then change Type from TEXT to MEDIUMTEXT


Create Swiffy html5 banners

Go to Googles Swiffy Upload page and convert your Flash banners into Swiffy html5 banners, then open the html code and paste it into Revive AdServer as Generic HTML Banner

Revive AdServer:
Google Swiffy

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Alexey Ivanov
Alexey Ivanov
6 years ago

This was very useful, thank you