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OpenERP Backup and Point-in-time Recovery

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OpenERP backup is one of the main things to do when installing OpenERP on a production server. But for many of us, simple daily backup won’t do the job. We need to utilize PostgreSQL Point-in-time Recovery to reduce the downtime when disasterĀ happens. PostgreSQL server records all transaction like insert, update or delete and write it into a file called write-ahead ...

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Install OpenERP 6.1 on Debian Squeeze


You can always install the latest .deb files from OpenERP, but in this tutorial we will explain how to install OpenERP 6.1 manually from the latest build. Prepare your Debian server Create openerp user that will be used for running the OpenERP application adduser --system --quiet --home=/opt/openerp --gecos 'OpenERP' --group openerp Install PostgreSQL database server and add openerp asĀ a postgres ...

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