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Biggest APC Configuration mistake


I’ve searched for Best APC Configuration on the net and applied it to my server. But later on I’ve stumbled to a problem. My Virtual server started getting slower. Best APC Configuration I’ve stumbled to the article by Greg Rickaby titled The Perfect APC Configuration which worked very good for me. Here is my APC configuration: apc.enabled=1 apc.shm_segments=1 ;32M per WordPress install apc.shm_size=256 ...

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Oracle Instant Client and PHP OCI8 on Debian Squeeze


Because there is no deb package for PHP OCI8 for Debian, here is a simple tutorial how to install Oracle Instant Client and use PHP OCI8 on Debian Squeeze. Install dependencies and required packages This will install Apache with PHP5 support and all required packages to configure OCI8. aptitude install php-pear php5-dev build-essential unzip libaio1 Download the software from Oracle ...

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