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Add Swiffy html5 banner to Revive AD Server


Since Google announced that flash content will be autopause there is a tool you can use to convert Flash banners to html5, it’s called Swiffy. But the problem is the Revive server 64Kb code banner limit. Revive AdServer problem with Swiffy banners By default revive server stores the Code banners into rv_banners table in columns htmltemplate and htmlcache but they are TEXT columns which are ...

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OpenX memcached configuration

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Configuring OpenX memcached will help you significantly speed up your banner delivery and i recommend you to use it instead of the default file File based cache. OpenX memcached configuration from Web Interface This tutorial has been made with openx 2.8.10 but should work on most of the 2.8.x installations. First you need to go to plugin section and configure memcached servers. This ...

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