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phpMemcachedAdmin graphic administration for memcached


phpMemcachedAdmin is a web interface that allows you to monitor your memcached servers with a top-like live stats for easy debugging. phpMemcachedAdmin features You can use this program to see real-time stats for get, set, delete, increment, decrement, evictions, reclaimed, cas command, as well as server stats like network, items, server version and all that with nice googlecharts. Here is the feature list: ...

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OpenX memcached configuration

OpenX logo

Configuring OpenX memcached will help you significantly speed up your banner delivery and i recommend you to use it instead of the default file File based cache. OpenX memcached configuration from Web Interface This tutorial has been made with openx 2.8.10 but should work on most of the 2.8.x installations. First you need to go to plugin section and configure memcached servers. This ...

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Multiple memcached instances on one server


I had to run multiple WordPress sites on one server and for fast loading I’m using memcached plugin and the solution was multiple memcached instances. Install Memcached  and changes First install memcached and PHP5 extension apt-get install memcached php5-memcached Change the startup script vi /etc/init.d/memcached #! /bin/sh ### BEGIN INIT INFO # Provides: memcached # Required-Start: $syslog # Required-Stop: $syslog # Should-Start: ...

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