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Zentyal 3.2 PPTP Server

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Here is howto install Zentyal 3.2 PPTP Server. Since Zentyal 3.2 the developers have decided to remove the PPTP Server and now provide a more secured implementation together with L2TP and IPSec. But as i can notice L2TP with IPSec is buggy and I’ve managed to fix the issue that i have but also decided to install PPTP Server and remove ...

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Simple Linux Firewall


I was looking for a simple Linux firewall script for my Linux box, but every script that i come across had a lot of wizards and too complex to understand. Simple Linux firewall script I’m going to explain how to add this script on startup on Debian Linux. Since iptables initscript is deprecated we need to put this script in /etc/init.d ...

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My Mikrotik Initial Setup


This is my Mikrotik initial setup configuration on every new Mikrotik device that i install. With this configuration you will secure your router, create internet connection and share it with rest of the network . Change the admin password First thing i do i changing the admin user password. and also add new username with full privileges. /user set admin password=putpasshere ...

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