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Upgrade Cisco IOS on Cisco 6500 in VSS mode

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If you are using the old Cisco 6500 probably as me need to upgrade the IOS o e new version. Usually I don’t want to upgrade core routers but due to a BUG we had to do it. The router we had is a Cisco 6509 and it’s working with two SUP 720 Supervisors and we had problems with NetFlow ...

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GlusterFS Installation and Configuration

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Here are few examples how to install GlusterFS on Debian like systems. Single node, add replica node, add multiple replicas and then tweak the configuration. Installing GlusterFS Installing GlusterFS it’s quite simple, just type the following command in the console and it will install GlusterFS and all requirements. Also we are going to create local path /storage where we are going ...

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Debian PPTP Client Configuration

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Here is a simple tutorial how to setup Debian PPTP Client for remote management connecting them to my Client VPN segment. I often use this for connecting servers that i need to manage where the host is dynamic so i don’t need to worry DnDNS or No-IP software and accounts. This tutorial is based on Debian 7 so it can ...

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Cyberoam Port Forwarding using Virtual Host

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This article describes  Cyberoam port forwarding using virtual host from external to internal LAN IP address. Article covers how to ·       Create virtual host ·       Create firewall rule to allow the inbound traffic Virtual host Virtual host implementation is based on the Destination NAT concept of older versions of Cyberoam. Virtual Host maps services of a public IP address to services of ...

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Zentyal 3.2 PPTP Server

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Here is howto install Zentyal 3.2 PPTP Server. Since Zentyal 3.2 the developers have decided to remove the PPTP Server and now provide a more secured implementation together with L2TP and IPSec. But as i can notice L2TP with IPSec is buggy and I’ve managed to fix the issue that i have but also decided to install PPTP Server and remove ...

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Cisco ASA Failover Configuration


This tutorial is for configuring Cisco ASA Failover into Active/Standby mode, assuming your primary Cisco ASA is configured and working. Primary Cisco ASA Setup your failover interface on Primary Cisco ASA enable config t failover lan unit primary interface gigabitEthernet 0/3 no shutdown Assign the failover IP Address on your Primary Cisco ASA failover lan interface FAILOVER gigabitethernet0/3 failover interfaces ...

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Cisco ASA NAT Migration


Since ASA version 8.3 Cisco brings a number of changes in how NAT is processed. Cisco ASA NAT migration is essential if you want to upgrade your firmware. There are two things you need to know: All NAT is built around objects, this allows for IP`s to be changed and objects to be renamed much easier then previously. Access lists ...

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Setting Mikrotik as IPSec Concentrator


This tutorial is on setting Mikrotik as IPSec concentrator. Road-Warriors will be able to establish secure IPSec connection using the ShrewSoft VPN client. Setting Mikrotik IPSec parametars Since Road-Warriors will connect from different locations we need to set peer with address and automatically generate polixy /ip ipsec peer add address= auth-method=pre-shared-key exchange-mode=main\ secret=123456 hash-algorithm=md5 enc-algorithm=3des generate-policy=yes Make sure that ...

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Mikrotik to Cisco ASA IPsec VPN


We needed to setup IPsec VPN for a client with a remote location that already had Cisco ASA. So, here is a Mikrotik to Cisco ASA IPsec howto. Tutorial Scenario Cisco ASA site WAN: (outside) LAN: (inside) Mikrotik site WAN: (ether1) LAN: (ether2) Cisco ASA to Mikrotik configuration Launch the VPN configuration wizard on your Cisco ...

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