mdadm replace failed hard drive RAID1

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Got a few failed hard drives in software RAID1 and decided to write this article not to search for the procedure the next time this happens. Detect failed hard drive If you have a lot of error messages in your /var/log/messages and probably get a mail from mdadm monitorring This is an automatically generated mail message from mdadm running on ... Read More »

Linux SCP command for secure file transfer

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Secure Copy or SCP is part of SSH. This are few examples of using SCP commands for those like me who just could not remember all the options. On almost all Linux machines we don’t want to add additional software that we don’t need, but we need to transfer data from one host to another. SSH’s scp command will come ... Read More »

MySQL Backup and Restore


Tutorial for MySQL backup and restore using command line for those of you who are doing it for the first time or have forgotten some parameter. First of all don’t forget that you need to have permissions to connect with the user you are going to use from the host you are executing this command. If it is from the ... Read More »

Debian malware detection with Maldetect

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If you host multiple websites this tutorial will help you setup Debian malware detection tool to easy find websites that has been compromised instead of getting reports that your server is hosting them. On a Debian system Linux Malware Detect will not run out of the box in monitor mode but scan mode works fine. Prepare your Debian Server and install LMD ... Read More »

Restart to solve NFS Unknown error 521

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I just had Unknown error 521 while mounting NFS version 3 on a Debian server after a reboot. Solving it took me some time but the solution was very easy. My setup is NFS server on storage server running Debian and a NFS client on another Debian machine where connecting to the NFS server. After a long period of time i ... Read More »

Debian PPTP Client Configuration

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Here is a simple tutorial how to setup Debian PPTP Client for remote management connecting them to my Client VPN segment. I often use this for connecting servers that i need to manage where the host is dynamic so i don’t need to worry DnDNS or No-IP software and accounts. This tutorial is based on Debian 7 so it can ... Read More »

Windows SMTP Server relay through Gmail


This tutorial with show how Windows SMTP Server relay mails through Gmail or any other mail server. This is useful if your server is located on a network with dynamic IP address. I had this issue when a monitoring software needed to send notification mails but there was no option of authenticating to the SMTP server. I installed Windows SMTP ... Read More »

Manage Samba permissions from Windows

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For those who installed samba and join the server to Windows Domain, this tutorial will show you how to Manage Samba permissions from Windows machine. There are a tutorials how to install Samba Server and join it to Windows Active Directory domain, but on most of them i haven’t seen how to manage Samba permissions from Windows machine. Filesystem support ... Read More »

Cyberoam Port Forwarding using Virtual Host

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This article describes  Cyberoam port forwarding using virtual host from external to internal LAN IP address. Article covers how to ·       Create virtual host ·       Create firewall rule to allow the inbound traffic Virtual host Virtual host implementation is based on the Destination NAT concept of older versions of Cyberoam. Virtual Host maps services of a public IP address to services of ... Read More »